2018 Summer of Hope One Heart Ceramic Kit

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Give the Gift of Hope to a Sick Child at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia with Our One Ceramic Heart kit

We Want to Send 500 Hearts of Hope to children at Children's Hospital by August 1. Your Order will help us do that. We will also donate 10% of all purchases to the hospital's research fund. After you paint your Heart of Hope return it to us for distribution. Or you may choose to have one of our volunteers create this Gift of Hope for you. In that case please email us after making payment at info@ourheartsofhope.org so we can send your blank heart directly to one of our volunteer painters.

If you'd like to purchase more than one Heart of Hope Kit you may do so at checkout. If you prefer to simply make a donation to our Summer of Hope campaign, click here. Whatever support you choose, it is tax-deductible. Thank you so much for your purchase. It means a lot to the children at Philadelphia Hospital and to our Mission of Hope across the nation.

Kit(s) include everything you need to create hope. This includes paints, brushes, glaze, message card(s), ribbon(s), and lovely gift bag(s).

 Thank you again.