Kit of 10 Hearts

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Ten (10) unpainted hearts with all supplies for you and your group to help us "create heart at a time." 

Kits include everything you need to simply open the box and begin. This includes paints, brushes, glaze, message cards, ribbons, gift bags, sample heart, return shipping label, instructions and more.



1. How many hearts will I need for my group? That's easy! If you are planning a one hour event, allow for two hearts per person. This will include painting and preparing message cards to accompany each heart.
2. What is the lead time for placing my order? That's easy too. Keep in mind that each heart is hand cut and fired, so please allow one week between the time you place your order and delivery.
3. Do I need to send Hearts of Hope back to you for glazing? No - glazing is very easy for your group to do. We provide brushes and brush-on Mod Podge glaze with your supplies. Just remember to allow extra drying time for this step (overnight is best.)
4. Do I have to send Hearts of Hope back to you for delivery? Not at all - If you and your group have a special intention, just let us know the date of delivery and the name of your recipient group. 
5. Is there a set timeframe for Hearts of Hope to be returned? We ask that you return your finished Hearts of Hope to us within one month.